This article is a step by step of how to write a CV. We would address the COMPOSITION OF A CV OR like the topic HOW TO WRITE A CV.

If you have been sending applications and you are not getting called, please take this to heart.

Steps to follow:

  • From the few CV i received recently i still found it shocking that people still add bio-data like age, LGA, in their CV.

This can put you in a disadvantaged position, what if the ex of the recruiter who just broke his/her heart is from your LGA, na vex he go use trash your CV.

  • If you still have email addressed like or, kindly register a new email to capture your name.

Keep your love for your lover and Jesus, don’t piss off the recruiter with such emails.

  • Your work experience and skill sets should be the focal point of your CV, make this as explicit as possible.

This makes the recruiter capture your capacity and capability to deliver on the new job you are being considered for before even knowing your education qualifications.

  • Kindly make sure you tailor your CV to each job role you are applying for.

There would be a need for you to fine-tune your previous job roles to align with the requirements of the position you are applying for.

  • Do not send the same CV for all job positions. If you don’t have work experience, and you are in any unit in your church, you can add them in your CV.

-Choir: Teamwork Skill

-Evangelism: Communication & Marketing Strategic Skills

-Church Planting: Planning, Organizational & Execution Skills.

  • If you are applying for government job, and they require your bio data, kindly add them all.

In most corporate settings, these are not necessary unless otherwise stated.

Conclusion on HOW TO WRITE A CV:

That is all for now, enjoy your day.

Best of luck in your job search and you would share your testimony soon.

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Extracts from Tosin Olugbenga’s tweet

Twitter: @TosinOlugbenga

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